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Sweet Queen Poster is a digital reimagining  of its original art series



Hi Sweet Queen. Hi Black Goddess. Voluptuous. Slender. Slim. Full. Dark Velvet. Creamy Hazelnut. Copper Sun Kissed. Milk Chocolate Latte. Sis.  Mother. Cuz. One Time Friend. Soulmate. Lover.Deep. Distant. Peculiar. Free-spoken. Fiery. Effervescent Vitality. I See You Sweet Queen. My Muse. Truths Written In Stone. Anticipated Potential. Young. Matured. A Thousand Lives Lived.  From Her to Her to Her to You. Your Name. Soul. Essence, A Skirmish By Your Enemies. Your Name. Spoken. Protected. Cherished. Our Sweet Queen, We See You. Our Black Queen. Till We Meet Again. We Love You. I Love You. One Loves You.

Sweet Queen Poster